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People, Culture and Results

Embracing culture, is to be a genuine human, or to accept and overcome our basal motivations. There’s no question that group dynamics influence our teams - why is it often ignored?

E.B. Tylor describes culture as:

“That complex whole which includes knowledge, belief, art, morals, law, custom and any other capabilities and habits acquired by man as a member of society." 

To have many fields of study dedicated to understanding culture demonstrates that there is more depth to explore than any trendy business book can provide. Try to see through the fog of business literature beating the drum about culture to decide what's actionable and real.

Top talent challenges from Deloitte indicate that culture, engagement and employee retention are the biggest challenges modern business leaders face today.

Culture can be ignored when the mechanics of the business take over (and the whirlwind of the daily operation). Great revenue, strong cash-flow, minimal expense, and a hardy balance sheet are all imperative and indeed the life-blood of a business. There’s no question about the fundamentals. 

It’s about how you “affect” those fundamentals.

It’s the ethical system that you use to create those results.

Holistically, businesses are not yet self-driving.

Hire For It

You’ve heard the bumper stickers: hire for attitude. Expanded, hire for culture and empower your employees. Each new individual changes the culture, because it impacts the collective group personality and performance. Respect their individual true cultural background inside of the business.

Create a Supportive, Collaborative Environment

Easier said, than done. Remove “that’s not my job” from your vocabulary. Independent failure is collective failure.

It is a Force Multiplier

It’s about reaching the organizations maximum potential. The possibilities being multiplied, as well as your ability to seize and execute on those possibilities.

Hidden, but Influential

The culture of an organization is hard to quantify. Some might even say it’s a feeling (dramatic pause). Though it’s really an aggregate combination of business processes, hiring, leadership decisions and trust. 

Different Varieties, and Answers

The foundation of culture that you create can be supportive of your core business strategy. There’s no ubiquitous answer for every business. But, if you understand how it connects with your business operation you can build a better place to work and better business outcomes.

When One Commits, Providence Moves